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The POD Candle project is an individual effort that hopes to be adopted by the Peace One Day organization. The idea is that the organization makes, promotes and sells a special candle around the time of the International Peace Day, every year. The POD Candle is a candle that contains something in it. If adopted, it can be mass produced and it can contain anything from branded badges or branded fridge magnets to special symbols of peace. And the same time, it is encouraged that individuals make their own candles dedicated to Peace Day, containing a message important to their lives.

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Early this year( 2012) Peace One Day and D&AD launched the White Pencil Brief - a challenge open to anyone to come up with an idea that will grow awareness and engagement with Peace Day, "establishing September 21 as a global, self-sustaining, annual day of peace, when everyone can take action to end conflict in their own lives and in the lives of others". Because of the nature of Peace Day, the idea must be cross-cultural. 

With this in mind and the insight that every yearly, global event is identified by a tradition which in turn is connected to a symbolic act (Valentine's Day has its special greeting cards, Earth Hour makes millions of people turn off all non-essential lights, etc.) lead to the birth of the POD Candle project. It is clear that traditions matter to everyone and that people go to great lengths to keep them. Traditions are found in every culture, every household and every small or big group of people. Traditions bring peace, in one way or another in people's lives.

The candle is an universal, cross cultural symbol that has the power to bring consolation, inspiration and peace of mind. Lighting a candle has multiple meanings, all in tune with what Peace Day is all about: from meditative thought, expression of support, memorials to prayers. Candles have a way to bring serenity, focus and comfort in the minds and the lives of people around them.

So what if a new tradition is brought in people's lives everywhere? A new tradition honoring Peace Day. A new tradition that revolves around lighting or giving a special, Peace Day branded candle.

Plus, the POD Candle project offers a way for the Peace One Day Organization to raise funds. Also, there are a few products in this world as flexible as a candle, from size to design to packaging. It can be easily incorporated in the visual identity and communication model of almost any corporation. The important thing is that it honors Peace Day and that it contains a message of peace in one way or another.

Show your support for the project and Peace Day by making your POD Candle following the guide here.